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Rising Stylists

Rising stylists are fully licensed and talented new stylists who are currently in our Echelon Salon training program, as well as continuing their education through seminars and classes. They provide great haircuts and hair color at a more budget friendly price.

Senior Stylists

Senior Stylists are creative, passionate, and technically outstanding hair designers. They perform haircuts, color, texture, and styling services to each guest’s specific needs and requests. When considering quality and price we recommend choosing a Senior Stylist.

Master Stylists

Master Stylists have over 10,000 hour of hair experience and possess exceptional skills that make them our highest level stylists. When a high level of experience and expertise is required we recommend choosing a Master Stylist

 Haircuts Rising Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Women’s Haircut $65 $75 $85
Men’s Haircut $45 $50 $55
Children’s Haircut $35 $40 $45
Bang Trim $10 $10 $10
Color Services Starting Price
New Growth $70
Color Balance Short $80
Color Balance Medium $90
Color Balance Long $100
Partial Weave $80
Half Weave $100
Full Weave $120
New Growth Partial Weave $145
New Growth Half Weave $165
New Growth Full Weave $185
Bleach and Tone- $100
Specialized Color Starting Price
Balayage $200
Ombre $200
Color Correction $200
Add-On Coloring Starting Price
Per Foil $10
Blonde Finisher $25
Toner $20
Color Cleanse $55
Gloss Short $35
Gloss Medium $45
Gloss Long $55
Styling Starting Price
Blow Dry $50 (Free on your 1st visit!)
Blow-dry Style Plus $55
Blow-dry with Color $30
Up-Do $80
Specialty Services Starting Price
Conditioning Treatment $30
Brazilian Blowout- $200